December 18, 2008

Got this from Another Etsy Team..Sharing it with the Team

10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Etsy Shop!

1. Make a schedule and allow yourself some flexibility. As a creative person, this completely goes against everything in my body! A schedule is as non creative as it gets, but it’s critical to develop this skill. Here’s an example of a daily schedule and a monthly schedule:

Monday = shop update
Sunday = working on your craft or art
Tuesday = Blogging and Social Networking

6:54 am – relist items that have sold over night or renew items…this is critical to jump start your day and stay fresh on searches within Etsy.
7 am – update blog, post blog in the forums on Etsy
7:30 – comment on five other blogs you found interesting. Target blogs of shops that sell items to a similar audience or area of interest that overlaps what you’re selling.
10 am – ship items
1:56 pm – relist 2 items

2. Blog. Free blog accounts can be set up at sites like LiveJournal and Blogpot. Personally I’m a fan of Blogspot because of its ease of use for both bloggers and visitors. It’s fairly easy for anybody to access and comment. Best of all its FREE.

3. Network!!! Social Networking is huge! If your main route of selling is online then it’s critical to catch up to the online trend of social networking! Places to promote your shop: Facebook (set up a page for your shop!), Twitter (tweet about your daily events, shop updates, blog updates), Flickr (upload and share photos of your latest projects!), Yahoo groups (target groups interested in your skill/craft or groups that represent the audience your selling to).

4. Renew your listings!!! This is critical and if rated in terms of importance it should be #1 on your to do list. Etsy is designed in such a way that your primary avenues for exposure are on the front page. At any point viewers across the globe are viewing the items scrolling across Etsy’s front page. How can people find you if you’re not putting your items up for renewal??? Think of it this way…Etsy is designed like a virtual slot machine. I put in my quarter (.20 cent listing fee) and I may or may not get a jackpot! However, this slot machine is special, it’s pretty and captivating, there are no annoying bells and whistles. It keeps its viewers captivated and hypnotized with visual jewels scrolling across its screen. This slot machine is also special because the odds are in your favor! It almost always pays out with a visitor to your shop which is always a potential sale! The bottom line is that you have to bring your shop to the buyers. Entice them to visit your shop! So sit down and think about how much you’re willing to pay for advertising. Then take that budget and apply it to renewing your items. For example $30.00 a month buys you about 6 renewals a day. Invest a little here and it will take you far.

5. Spend some time in the forums on Etsy, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day. This serves a few purposes: it keeps you aware of what’s happening in the community, trends, sales, debates. My favorite sections are the “Business Topics” and “Techniques and Materials.” Please remember that what you post in the forums, as well as what you post in our yahoo group, is a direct reflection of your business.

6. Take a nice sunny Saturday to revisit your photos! Bright, clear, well lit photos are what will sell your item. I try to keep a white, bright background and use a simple poster board and a sunny spot in my living room to take my photos. My camera is not fancy and neither are my photography skills! Here are some articles from the Storque that will get you going:

7. Join a team or several teams! Teams are a great way to develop your business. Utah Etsy is designed for local artists and crafters to come together, share, network, and support one another, and we like to sprinkle in a bit of fun and philanthropy. Other teams are designed to reach a specific audience or meet a social goal such as helping animals or promoting green living. You can be a member of as many teams as you like, just remember that you’ll get out of it what you put into it. Find teams that will help your business grow.

8. Add new items to your shop! This is a top one. Keep your shop fresh with new items. Repeat buyers have the potential of making up a significant portion of your sales. Adding new items encompasses giving yourself time to create. It’s a fine line between spending too much time working on your business versus creating your product. Unless you have the ability to employ a marketing team and office manager I’m afraid you’ll have to tackle this one on your own. For me, I try to set aside specific days and times of the day to create new items. For example, evenings and naptimes provide me a window to either create or market. I have to choose and find that balance, 50/50 is my goal but not necessarily my reality.

9. Review your listing descriptions. Are they clear, free of errors (they sneak in there all of the time!). Do they mention features and benefits of your items. Are the dimensions detailed out in both inches and cm for both US and Intl. buyers? Are you clear on your shipping time frame?

10. Stay focused! If you look at some of the top sellers on Etsy and within our Utah Etsy team, you’ll notice that their shops have a sense of cohesiveness. If you have another craft you want to explore, consider whether or not the item will fit in your existing shop or if it would do better in a separate shop with its own cohesive theme.

So take some time to review your business this holiday weekend and see if any of these tips can be applied to your shop!

November 24, 2008

Who LOVES Cupcakes!!!

I want everyone to get the opportunity to get to know a bit about each other. SO i am going to be doing "Etsian of the week", and did our FIRST interview with Christy (

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Christy and I am a proud parent of my only child my daughter Monae. She is the next Misty Mae Treanor volleyball star, she is 14 and in the 9th grade. I am also a soon to be wife to Jason, he is a lead singer in a rock band and when he is not rocken the mic on stage he designs custom homes. I live in sunny Southern California in city called Rancho Cucamonga.How did you start selling? Where did the idea come from?
Well I started baking when I was around 7 years old in Chicago, where I was born and raised with my mom & dad, my 2 sisters and brother. My mother would always make these unique pastries like Kalachki cookies and The Butter roll by hand and from scratch and they were very delicious. She taught us girls how to bake from scratch and by hand and that everyone would be happy we did. When I got older we moved to California and I took that passion for baking with me, I become a head baker (among many others things) and helped opened several restaurants in the Inland Empire. One day my sister Rebecca, who is a very talented clothing designer and the owner of Sky Bleu Couture, had the idea of selling cupcakes. We would always make cakes for family and friends and they would tell us they were so good we should go into business. So she thought lets make cupcakes they were really hot at the time so I started a blog a little over a year ago and orders started rolling in, then my sister Rebecca found Etsy and said that would be another great way to offer people my cupcakes, so here I am.

What are your goals? Your inspiration & motivation?

My inspiration and motivation comes from each person who tastes one of my cupcakes and says, that was the most beautiful and delicious cupcake they ever had and it made there day, that is what keeps me going. I have a goal of opening a small bakery in the Inland Empire by the end of next year.
What is your favorite cupcake?
My favorite cupcake? WOW that is a hard one since I love them all and I have over 30 flavors, how could I choose just one? But I am a chocolate girl so I would have to go with the Chocoholic cupcake, it is moist and fudgy with a taste of caramel, topped off with little salty crunch from the peanuts sprinkled on top, a perfect combination. Thanks now I’m craving one and I am on a diet .

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
When I am not baking I have a family owned business that deals with finances in terms of Life Insurance (living benefits) Real Estate and Mortgages, I work there with my whole entire family. We have been in business for around 20 years here in the Inland Empire and we also have a nonprofit organization that educates the public about their finances through free classes.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
The best advice I ever received was from my mother and father they always told me to remember that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.
Also I got some good advice from the late great Earl Nightingale he says: A man is what he thinks about all day long, if you think in negative terms you get negative results if you think in positive terms you get positive results that is a fact.

Makes you want a cupcake, Thank you Christy for your time. Everyone check out Christy's Etsy Store ( If you want to be the next Etsian of the week Contact me Cindy (

November 20, 2008

Etsy Teams NEWS!!!

Etsy TEAMS NEWS - Just Sharing the E-mail i got of whats going on with other Etsy Teams

November 20, 2008

As the height of holiday shopping quickly approaches, we're pleased to share these great promotions many Etsy Teams are running! This holiday season, be sure to buy handmade and support the Etsy Teams program. You can find items made by hundreds of Teams and thousands of their members simply by searching "Team" in All Items on Etsy.

Trinkets 2 Treasures Sale

Trinkets2Treasures is having a sale event on Etsy from Nov. 20 to Dec. 10. Look for the special promotional graphic in the participating T2T Etsy Team shops. Each shop that contains the Santa graphic is offering a special deal - search "Santas Shop Hop" to find seasonal offerings or check here to see a list of participating shops. It's time to get hopping and start shopping for some great specials from the T2T Etsy Team.

The Alberta Etsy Team is creating a series of "Meet the Members" interviews in their Team blog. Learn the stories behind this great local Team of makers and sellers, or to find items by this Team, search "Alberta Team" to find hundreds of items.

Upcoming Trunk Shows

PD4U (Paper Designs 4 You) will hold a Trunk Show tonight at 9pm EST in the Teams room of the Virtual Labs. They will be showcasing their work, chatting, playing games and giving away prizes. Come by for some papery fun!

On Black Friday, Team Trashion, a unique, eco friendly, international group of artisans encourages families to keep the car in the garage, leave their slippers on, curl up with loved ones and a second helping of pumpkin pie, and click into a Virtual Trunk show! On Friday, November 28 @ 7pm est, they will provide holiday shoppers with a unique opportunity to shop for one-of-a-kind gifts that are innovative and eco friendly. Over 30 artisans will show a varied collection of handmade treasures all created from upcycled, repurposed or otherwise abandoned materials.

Etsy Q, the Quebec Street Team, has a great giveaway going on right now! You can find details and more at their Team blog!

Needle Felting Contest

The Needle Felting Team is holding a no purchase necessary contest, with winners drawn at random. Everyone is invited to enter! Stroll through the shops on this post to find the Needle in the Haystack! More details at You can play all day November 22 and 23, simply find the Felting Needle in the Haystack by visiting the shops with sales and look for the letters N - E - E - D - L - E - F - E - L- T in the descriptions of items for sale. When you've found them, convo the shop names in order to our Team Etsy account via Etsy convo.

The Plush Team is holding a Plushraiser. 25 plush artists from around the globe are donating plushes to the PlushTeam, and all proceeds from each sale will go directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters. You can also follow the plush trail of items that are being donated on the Team website. Check back daily for new creatures!

Utah Etsy Team Gives Back

From now through November 24th several Utah Etsy Team shops will be donating a proceed of their profits to Utah's Road Home Shelter. Not only are shops making a financial donation to the shelter on the 24th of November, but they're also organizing a donation drop to the Road Home Shelter on the same day! Participating shops have tagged their items "UtahEtsy Team" & "Handmade Harvest". Items can also be viewed on the Team blog.

Cleveland Handmade Market

The Cleveland Handmade Team will be hosting a Cleveland Handmade Market, Sunday, November 23rd 10 - 4 at Mojo's Coffee in Bay Village. Enjoy holiday shopping with local artists and craftspeople while sipping delicious coffee and listening to live music at Mojo's.There will be hand-knit and crocheted accessories, fine and fun jewelry, handmade toys and clothing, upcycled and eco-friendly gifts. Something (handmade!) for just about everyone on your list. To find over 1,000 items from the Cleveland Team on Etsy, search "ClevelandTeam".

A huge congratulations to all the Etsy Teams and their members for continuously impressing us with wonderful and creative promotions. Please forward this email to your friends, family and coworkers, to let them know the wide range of amazing gifts available from the Etsy Teams this holiday season, and throughout the year.


Sara & Danielle

Etsy Teams Coordinators

November 19, 2008

Black friday Sales are Coming....

This is an Etsy Event from Black friday -Nov. 28 - to Dec. 1. Etsy will promote your store if you do a SALE or Free shipping all you need to do is add your store and sale to the forum thread at this Link -

Hope everyone has great sales that weekend!!!!

November 5, 2008

hopefully getting our members more interested...

I plan to be getting information from etsy articles to help members become "great" etsians. Also want to have IE team member of the we can start learning about each other. So please Keep checking out Our team blog.

Heres a video i found on Etsy on ideas on creating better packaging.
Hope you enjoy!!!

October 16, 2008

Ideas to get this Team rolling...

We have people joining the team now and i want us all to be able to communicate with each other. I want to know know what is the best way for everyone? someone told me doing a google group but i have no experience with it so i would love to hear from other people. I have also started to get ideas for meeting up or doing something so we can meet. what do you guys think about that?? Hope to hear from you soon.


October 12, 2008

WELCOME to the Inland Empire Etsy Street Team

Welcome to the Inland Empire Etsy Street Team Blog! The Goal of this blog is to share business resources and experiences, spotlight different members, promoting events that our members are participating in, and showcasing the wonderful products that the artisans in this group make! The Blog is for everyone to be able to take part in and i will try to represent everyone.

I, Cindy (, am in the process of getting this street team started and as the group gets more active i hope to have more help from our team. For now i will try to do the best i can do to inform and represent this new Team. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or comment